Best bike holiday in Adriatic Coast unique Cycling Holiday in Italy

Hotel Dory is the best for Cycling holiday in Italy. The room are excellent, the food is great and the service is perfect.

The new cycling programs are exciting and the Scott CR1 Pro bikes were very good.

I highly recommend it for cyclists. It was our first stay at this hotel and we will definitely return again.

We`ve stayed at the amazing D place suites that was very comfortable, clean and renovated lately so they actually looks like we were the first guest ever in the rooms. 

The food at the Dory was excellent, Very tasty and wide selection.

The staff and Stefano, who owns the hotel, are very friendly and will do anything to provide the best possible service. 

The cycling program are well organized with professional and friendly guides who take you through the amazing sites of Riccione area. There are 4-5 guided groups of differing speeds each day!


For us, the Dory is the ultimate place for Cycling Holiday in Italy.