Bike holiday italy: Day 5 Coastal Cliff Ride

Bike holiday italy
Questa settimana era fantastico. The weather has been excellent.  We have been totally impressed with Hotel Dory and its hard working staff. They could NOT have been more hospitable, helpful and friendly! This was the real perfect bike holiday Italy! 
The guides (my wife and I cycled in Cappuccino Light and Bikeness) were just great. We did not know what to expect on a biking holiday having never done one. 
It has been the most invigorating vacation week I can remember, the perfect bike holiday Italy ever!
Today was a perfect example. The  day dawned sunny and mild just a perfect day to enjoy vigorous exercise and Italys beauty. Marcello has been our giude this week (Cap Light) and he set a very nice pace leading us out of Riccione and into the foothills below Tarulli. 
The pace was brisk, the views of the countryside phenomenal and the energy of the group contagious. 
We worked our way over to Pesaro for a lovely cafe break and enjoyed the towns seaside beauty. 
The ride out of Pesaro tested our fitness as the climb was challenging but the beauty of the Adriatic coast was simply  breathtaking! 
Thank you Hotel Dory and Marcell!