Panoramica for Friday: a special cycle holiday in Italy at Hotel Dory, Riccione Bike Hotels

Last Friday I had the nicest, relaxed ride on the Panoramico route. I joined my Canadian friends in a Cappuccino Light group, although I could keep up with Cappuccino`s pace, too.

A cycle holiday in Italy, at Hotel Dory: Riccione Bike Hotel!

Last Friday I had the nicest, relaxed ride on the Panoramica route. I joined my Canadian friends in a Cappuccino Light group, although I could keep up with Cappuccino`s pace, too.

Sometimes it`s just nice to have a more relaxing pace and chat with friends while riding. We started the sunny day cycling on some rural roads and finally arrived to Pesaro. I`ve done the Panoramica route before, but I`ve never been to Pesaro. You should try it for your best cycle holiday in Italy

So it was nice to see something new - thanks to Dory for changing the routes a bit for each year. We rode through the center and on the seaside bike path and stopped at a café for a break. We continued towards the hills behind our guide Valter and finally arrived to a steepening uphill. Valter let us ride freely at our own pace to the top, so I took the ascent as a challenge and decided to see, how fast pace I could keep up. I had one of the Canadians try to pass me, but I managed to stay ahead of him, so I arrived to the top first. Maybe it wasn`t a race to anyone else, but I felt like a winner.

We stopped at a couple of vista points to take photos of the view to the Adriatic sea and continued towards the hotel on perfect asphalt that was laid there, as we were told, for the Giro d`Italia. The descends are always at least as much fun as the uphills.

This time for my cycle holiday in Italy I took the downhill at a relaxed speed and chatted with my good friend while riding along. We arrived back to the hotel, hugged each other to thank for a nice day of riding together and went for a tasty lunch, hungry from the day`s ride.

The cycling is great, but I enjoy the food at Dory just as much. And you can eat as much as you want, because you consume so much! The day was ended with the festive dinner with more excellent food, wine and talking with friends.

And then there was the funny show of watching the week`s photos in the lobby. The next morning it was time to say goodbye to my good friends I get to see every year at Dory for cycling together. And this year again we made new friends that I`ll look forward to meeting next time.

I keep coming back to Hotel Dory, my favourite riccione bike hotel, every September. Each year before going, I wonder why I don`t go somewhere else for a change.

But when I`ve arrived to the perfect sunny weather, ride the great routes, have fun with old friends, meet new people, enjoy the great food and feel welcomed by the staff, I remember again why I do these holidays every year.

Simply put, I feel happy and relaxed at Hotel Dory, a perfect Riccione bike hotel! See you again next September!

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