Starting from € 245.00

Classic vintage bicycle touring event
Here the roads were built by the Romans and before them the Etruscans. In those days the two-wheeled vehicles were heavy carts pushed by hand or pulled by horses.

In just a few years L’INTREPIDA has become a classic vintage bicycle touring event thanks to the cycling passion of the organizers which has made it truly unique in terms of the beauty of the landscapes which form the setting for the event, the quality of the routes, the great food made available at the various refreshment points, the hospitality extended to the participants, and the atmosphere of friendship and familiarity that makes the entire weekend so special.

Here the roads were built by the Romans and before them the Etruscans.

In those days the two-wheeled vehicles were heavy carts pushed by hand or pulled by horses.

There were no athletes along these ancient roads, only soldiers; no competitions, only battles.

There are 3 different routes:

  • the 120 km Intrepido;
  • the 86 km long route;
  • the 43 km medium route, with departure from Anghiari (Arezzo).


The ride passes through one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany, over dirt and asphalt roads full of appeal and history.

For more details, visit the website www.lintrepida.it Only cyclists with vintage bicycles and wearing vintage cycling gear are allowed to take part.

If you wish, you can rent a vintage bicycle and appropriate cycling gear from us. Please book in advance. 

Cost of participation: 245.00 euro which includes:

  • registration in the competition
  • travel Riccione-Anghiari-Riccione
  • bed and breakfast near Anghiari
  • medieval dinner at Sorci Castle
  • an accompanying person able to provide all the assistance you need to ensure you spend an unforgettable day.

Take your old bicycle, dress up in old-fashioned gear and pedal through history. To take part, you must have a Cycling Competition Card or a Medical Certificate indicating “SUITABILITY FOR NON-COMPETITIVE SPORT”. If you have neither, you can still take part and partake in refreshments, but without a number and rating.

Saturday 13 October

15.00: briefing in the lobby with the Bike Manager who will provide all useful information;
16.00: departure by minibus to Anghiari;
18.00: arrival at Anghiari, collection of competition pack, accommodation in hotel and aperitif in the Old-Town Centre of Anghiari;
20.00 medieval dinner in Sorci Castle

Sunday 14 october

ore 8.45
departure for all the itineraries
ore 17.00 departure for Riccione with arrival around 7 pm

During the ride, vintage refreshment points at Ponte alla Piera and Felcino Nero. After the bicycle tour, traditional lunch with famous bringoli of Anghiari. Possibility of shower on arrival.

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