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A tour for true slope and mountain enthusiasts, three peaks, the most important and challenging in the region, which reach an altitude of 1,400 m. Nerone, Petrano and Catria are the names of these peaks, the location of numerous legs of the Giro d’Italia race.
We will climb the dozens of hairpin bens with a total elevation gain of 4,385 metres and a distance of 128 kilometres. Easier alternatives for the Cappuccino and Cappuccino Super groups are also available which “only” include one or two of the climbs. .

Cycling challenges "à la carte"
For private groups we can organize this challenge even in a different period. Please contact us.

The route

Tour tre grandi scalate
(Special event)
128 km 3787 mt

The tour leaves from the small town of Piobbico at an altitude of 340 metres, which we will reach after about an hour’s drive by bus from Riccione.

We will start right away with a gentle climb, but the first slope, which is about 8 kilometres long, to ascend Mount Nerone starts after about 14 kilometres. We will then descend towards Pianello and immediately climb Mount Petrano with its 10 kilometre ascent, arriving on a large plateau. The descent towards Cagli is fun and technical along a road that has been recently paved for the passage of the Giro d`Italia!

The last effort before going back to Piobbico and returning to Riccione by bus is Mount Catria with an 11 kilometre climb, which is a real challenge!

The environment is a typically mountainous with forests along the climb and bare clearings on the peak, which affords an intense and exciting day of cycling.


SPRING: 5 April 2018

AUTUMN: 25 October 2018

General information:

  • This program is dedicated to well-trained cyclists. The average speed will be 25/28 km/hour (Limoncino group)
  • There is the possibility to shorten the path with only one or two climbs for the cappuccino and super cappuccino groups.
  • A first-aid, supply and assistance service is provided by our minibus along the entire route.
  • The excursion will only become available once at least 5 participants have been reached. The program could undergo changes as regards the route and the times indicated.
  • In case of bad weather, the excursion will take place on the following day. Departure is planned for 8 am, with return at 6 pm. 
  • You are invited to bring with you a change of cycling gear – leggings, sleeves and rainproof jacket. 

SPRING from euros 672,00
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AUTUMN from euros 414,00

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