two special weeks
from 10/3 to 24/3

From 10th to 24 March two weeks for whole season in tip top condition.

You’ll have the chance to train and try the brand new Scott Cr1 and Solace racing bicycles free of charge.

Book your holiday by the 31st January and for all formulas and all rooms you`ll receive 20% discount.


With all FREE BIKE SERVICES for our cyclist friends.


A professional training week to pedal perfectly the whole year round!

One week devoted to every single aspect of cycling.

All you`ll need to do is to to enjoy yourself, train and learn everything you can about this fascinating sport, in a special setting.

Andrea Gennari, a former professional rider, will lead you in a programme of dedicated training sessions.

SPRING: from 10th to 24th March 2018

This is our weekly programme:

Arrival in Riccione and check-in at Hotel Dory
6.00 pm Presentation of the weekly training programme and collection of anthropometric and physiological data.
7.00 pm dinner
SUNDAY 9.30 am Training for muscle reinforcement on climbs.
7.00 pm dinner
9.30 am Muscle reinforcement on flat rides and exercises on low gradients slightly above resistance thresholds.

1:00 am Barbecue in Vecciano Cuntry House
7.00 pm dinner
8.30 am Long distances with several climbs.
5 pm – 7 pm Cycling Positions: crucial points to be considered for correct pedalling.
7.00 pm dinner
Rest day
7.00 pm Typical Romagnolo dinner at Hotel Dory
9:30 am Mixed route with muscle reinforcement exercises on climbs and climbs at threshold resistance.
5 pm – 7 pm Nutrition: Healthy nutrition depending on types of exertion.
7 pm dinner
FRIDAY 9.30 am Simulation of a medium-distance or long-distance road race.
7.00 pm “Flavours and Pleasures” sample dinner
9.00 pm Photos and Prize-giving ceremony
SATURDAY Departure

IDEA FORMULA 7 days from Euro 496 -20% Euro 375

STYLE FORMULA 7 days from Euro 672 -20% Euro 538

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