Tuesday: a special day

Once again this year, we have included 2 “Grand Tours” in our twice-weekly programmes;
two challenges covering beautiful yet demanding routes that take place each week, every Tuesday.

Urbino e Gola del Furlo”  (139 km)
"Cippo e San Leo" (134 km)

A route designed to offer you maximum enjoyment on the Cippo climb up to Monte Carpegna! It’s where Marco Pantani used to train, and is part of the Giro d’Italia 2014.

“Carpegna’s good enough for me,” is what the Pirate used to say, and it’s written everywhere along the endless switchbacks of the most famous climb of the Apennines, the one that never gives you a moment’s rest as you drag yourself up to the top, but once you’ve made it the satisfaction is immense!

And be careful with your ratios, because the gradients can be up to 15%.On the way back we’ll visit the town of San Leo with its fortress perched high over the valley and its medieval centre, before dropping down towards Riccione.
Along this route, cycling, art and nature blend to perfection! Along the way, we can admire from close up the ancient town of Urbino and its beautiful architecture, before cycling down to Fermignano and the river Metauro and then up towards Pestrino and down again to the river Candigliano and the Furlo gorge, only a few months ago opened to the transit of cyclists only! After a short break, off we go again along the valley, through the old town of Fossombrone and, after about 20 km we start a climb of 10 kilometres up to the Blessed Sante pass.

More towns as old as Fossombrone and some more short but steep climbs as far as Riccione.
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