Italy Cycle Holidays: “La Dolce Vita Bike” itineraries

New exciting routes for your Italy cycle holidays


We will ride along roads and paths that are sometimes just dirt tracks to discover our magical inland area, which boasts a wealth of characteristic sites, enchanting villages, fragrances and colours.

All types of bikes are welcome; what’s important is that they have enough gears. The routes cross both flat and hillier areas, with some slightly longer climbs that alternate with delightful descents. Ideal for “fair-weather” cyclists with normal levels of fitness and training. All you need to know is we ‘ll be cycling for about 4/5 hours.

5 guided itineraries a week covering between 40 and 60 km. Excursions are different every day and take place over two weeks in the period running from 12/3 to 5/11.
In two Italy Cycle Holidays weeks you’ll never follow the same route twice.
In summer (July and August), cycling activities continue with 1 or 2 groups, with programmes adapted according to the number and type of participants.

 Italy Cycle Holidays: Enjoy our fantastic cycling routes

Weekly programme no. 10-12-14-16-18-20-22-24-26-28-30-32-34-36-38-40-42-44
SUNDAY “Tracing the old railway line...” Rimini-Republic of San Marino; an itinerary on the hills of Rimini that leads into the “ancient land of freedom”. We will reach Dogana station, the first, well-preserved station in the republic and cross the old railway line.
MONDAY “ALBERETO CASTLE AND VECCIANO” After cycling through the park crossed by Marano Stream and visiting the small castle of Albereto and its tower, we reach our farm in Vecciano for a picnic lunch before returning to nearby Riccione.
TUESDAY “TOUR OF THE MALATESTA CASTLES” Through corn fields, fields of sunflowers and olive groves, we’ll visit some of the castles built by the powerful dynasty of the Malatesta – Montefiore, Mondaino and Saludecio – and also try some delicious “fossa cheese”.
THURSDAY “roman rIMInI & tasting of typical products ” We visit Rimini, Tiberius’ Bridge and the Arch of Augustus, built by mighty Roman emperors. We then head to the hills near Rimini to try some local products; a taste experience of the typical flavours of our land. 
FRIDAY “GRADARA CASTLE AND THE LOVE STORY BETWEEN PAOLO AND FRANCESCA” After passing through the village of San Giovanni, the ancient granary of the Malatesta, and trying some traditional country-style bread, we head to Gradara, with its imposing fortified walls, the first outpost in defence of the coast. 
 Weekly programme no. 11-13-15-17-19-21-23-25-27-29-31-33-35-37-39-41-43

SUNDAY “SAN BARTOLO PARK” Heading south, through the countryside of the Marche, with its fields of intenselyfragranced onions and cabbage, we reach Mount San Bartolo, on a cliff top that drops down to the sea, to follow the panoramic route with its extraordinary views of the coast.
MONDAY “THE CONCA VALLEY AND VECCIANO ” An easy and gently-rolling route along the Conca Valley with a visit to an ancient “washhouse” and then on to Vecciano for an outdoor barbecue picnic, a visit to the family’s vegetable garden and the old vinegar cellar, with an opportunity to taste our famous balsamic vinegar.
TUESDAY “THE ANCIENT REPUBLIC OF SAN MAARINO ” We scale Mount Titano, with its traditions and well-preserved mediaeval sites, taking the easier route. We’ll have enough time to visit the 3 towers and the narrow streets of one of the oldest republics in the world.
THURSDAY “THE GREAT MARECCHIA VALLEY AND TASTING OF TYPICAL PRODUCTS” Dominated by the ancient castles that overlook it, the Marecchia Valley helps us relive the emotions of ancient wayfarers heading to Rome. On the return journey, we stop to taste some local cheeses, olive oil, wine and typical products. 
FRIDAY “ONFERNO AND THE NATURE RESERVE” On the border with the Marche region, under wild and majestic ravines live numerous species of animals, some protected others living wild: boars, porcupines, foxes and bats. We follow a road with little traffic and from the crest of a ridge, the wind and silence accompany us throughout our journey.
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