Wellness Station

they act directly on the deepest muscle tissues of the neck and benefit the middle and upper back
this is ideal for massaging the entire muscle band of the legs and buttocks. Its lymph draining effect improves blood circulation and the absorption of toxins.
a relaxing experience for the body and soul, it awakens and reactivates blood circulation
hot and ice-cold mist sprays and the aroma of mango and ice-cold mint stimulate all the body’s senses favouring unique and truly incredible sensations
spectacularly lit with fibre optics in the evenings, it is 110 cm deep and covers a total area of 40 m². In summer it is heated to a temperature of 27/30° C.
hot water all year round, with varying temperature ranging from 34° C to 36° C, guarantees unique relaxation
great relaxation in pleasant natural and untreated Hemlock wood surroundings with dry heat at a temperature of 80/90° C
ideal for light perspiration and providing lots of benefits for the skin, favoured by a pleasant temperature of 45° C and particularly humid surroundings
a massage chair for the back and cervical vertebrae.
for isotonic training of all muscles in the body.
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