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Italy bicycle holidays, La Dolce Vita bike experience


Participants in the Bikeness® La Dolce Vita programmes use their bicycles to help them discover the territory from a privileged vantage point. That’s why they cycle in tranquillity, admiring the surrounding views and without worrying about the kilometre indicator, the average speed or the total distance covered uphill.


They go on excursions that cover 40 - 60 km, always divided into small groups and accompanied by an expert guide: easy and fun trips during which there’s plenty of time to take a break or a photo or have a coffee and lots of laughs. Naturally, they also tackle some climbs, but at their own pace and sometimes even on foot.

Enjoy your ride with Italy Bicycle Holiday.


They love typical products and the people they find along the way, observing, asking questions and never forgetting to tuck into some great food washed down by a glass of good wine.


Italy bicycle holiday... not only cycle :-)