Cappuccino Light - Cycling in Italy, Adriatic Coast

cycling italy adriatic coast

Wednesday ride was a light 69km as we had done 120km yesterday.  

The ride today began along the coast, and followed a bike path, but soon we went inland and started to gain elevation. 

The view was beautiful across the farmland in bright sunshine (which hasnt been the case much during our week at Riccione).  We had a range of nationalities on our ride today - Canadian, Australian, Belguique, and French.  
We rode up a small hill (thankfully not too long given yesterdays ride).  
After reachning the top of the hill we rode back down to the coast and had a caffe in a new caffe on the coast.  
After riding on the coast for a few kilometres we of course started to ride away from the coast and for the main hill climb of the day.  We were all a bit tired today, but we enjoyed the hill climb with the beasutiful views over the coast or across the farmland.  
We stopped at a lookout after riding on cobblestones - those riders in the Parie-Roubaix must have hands of steel.  After a short stop for a photo by Walter - our excellent guide - we made our way back down to the coast and then along the cycleway back to Hotel Dory Cycling Hotel Italy.