Cappuccino Lite: Italy october cycling

My Italy october cycling...

Having never been on a road bike prior to my arrival in Italy, it was with much trepidation that I climbed aboard my thin-tired mount on day one along with my fellow DGOC`s (Dirty Girls of Claremont) for a day of trials and tribulations with our handsome, fearless and non-English-speaking  guide Valter.

Had I known then what I know now I may never have risen to the challenge......what a day!

Valter led our large group on a wonderful challenge that left us sucking on air as we toiled up 5km climbs then roared down winding, twisting hills with the wind whilstling in our ears. His engaging smile and positive energy gave us the incentive to approach the next challenge with renewed vitality.

 Although the names of the places we visited now elude me, the wonderful images etched in my mind will remain with me to my dying day!