Cycle Hire Italy Riccione - Bikeness from Australia

Cycle Hire Italy Riccione

Cycle Hire Italy for Bikeness who need a bike... Like this Bikeness from Australia.

I am from Australia on the coast and although I ride every day there I am not use to the hills in the Italian countryside. I decided the SCOTT electric bike was for me. It was new, white and shiny.

Drelli, the bike mechanic, man at Hotel Dory assisted me to alter the seat to my preferred level and fit the charged battery.

He also gave me a new Hotel Dory water bottle. This was useful.

Hotel Dory also supplies a banana and panini for energy on the daily rides. The ride began at 9.30am in the Street outside Hotel Dory. There are five groups which are organised in similar skill levels.

Each Group gathers in a particular order and departs with a guide. Our guide was Sandro for the bikeness Group. He was good and friendly. He speaks enough English to get the message of important things across. The bikeness group number was 19 which was perhaps a little larger than ideal but Sandro keep the Group together and safe.

It rained so we stopped at a coffee cafe and waited..


The rain did not stop so together in indian file we return on our bikes to Hotel Dory for hot showers or spa bath.