Conquering The Cippo

My husband and I have stayed many times at the Hotel Dory and have always enjoyed the experience. The most memorable day on the bike was the day I conquered the Cippo. I am more of a less urge cyclist but decided to take on the challenge of the Cippo with my husband who had ridden it the year before.
We set off early, a small group of 7 into the glorious morning sunshine. It is quite a long ride out to the foot of the climb with a good number of challenging small climbs of 5 to 7 Kim`s.
Our guide for the day was Drelli and we were also accompanied by Stefano who was looking strong all day. We stopped for coffe and headed for the climb.
The Cippo is around 12 Kim`s long and has often featured in the Giro so I was expecting to be challenged and so I was. The ramps were up to 15% in places and I was rather glad to seethe Marco Pantsni sculpture where my husband was waiting and we took a few photos while I caught my breath. The Cippo is one way so you are not worried about oncoming traffic so this taxes the cyclist quite a bit. the last few kilometres of the climb kick up in a series vicious hairpins until you are rewarded at the top with the vision of another tribute to Pantani and wonerful views to your left.
My descending is not the best meaning that, believe it or not I prefer to climb. So gingeley I dropped down loosing all of that hard ea fined night in what seemed like only a few minutes.
So with the mythical climb tamed there was the small matter of riding back to Riccione. I don,t know what Steffano put in his coffe but he rode very strongly home with husband and he doing the majority of the work and the rest of us sucking their wheels.
We arrived back at the hotel, tired but very happy. Lunch was as usual fantastic and filling. 
All there was to do was to sit by the pool and relive the mornings experience.
Evenings at the Dory are one of the highlights of any day. Drinks and nibbles in the bar followed by stunning food served by the most friendly staff I have come across anywhere in the world.
A great nights sleep followed what was my most memorable experience on a bike of my life.
Writing this has made me want to get back to the dory as soon as possible.
Britta x