Cycling Hotel Riccione Italy, unforgettable treeps - Coastal Cliff Route Day 5

Cycling Hotel Riccione Italy
Hotel Dory fan - Cycling Hotel Riccione, Italy!
The entire day today can be summed up in very few words and given that my command of Italian is very limited, it is easy to describe today`s 70 kilometer ride as "Bella Vista". 
The views were stunning all day. I thought that it would not be possible to experience a better ride than the trip yesterday to San Marino. Today, however, was the penultimate ride of the week. 
We began as usual by cycling along the beach, primarliy along bicycle paths. It is an excellent way to warm the legs and avoid the heavy mroning traffic. 
The ride begins to climb  as soon as you leave the shore of the Adriatic. 
Our Group of of Cappuccino Light riders were well conditioned after 4 days of cycling and ready for the climb. We rode slowly, but steadily to what 
I would describe as the upper coastal road. 
Our guide, Marcello, stopped frequently to allow us to take pictures and take-in the spectacular views. You could see the wonderful colors of the Adriatic from a height of approximately 300 meters. 
The decents were fast, but controlled and quickly we reached several of the coastal towns near our final destination of Riccione and the Hotel Dory our cycling hotel Riccione Italy.
This has been the trip of a lifetime that I will never forget.
Ciao from a big fan of Stefano and the entire staff of the Hotel Dory, Cycling Hotel Riccione Italy .