The daily programme at the Hotel Dory, your Italy Bike Hotel

Italy Bike Hotel for an unforgettable holiday

Arrival and accommodation in room, bicycle assembly or pick-up of hired bicycle, short unaccompanied trip to the area surrounding Riccione.
6.00 pm: Welcome 60th anniversary drink, and presentation of the itineraries and cycling groups by the Bike Manager. Every evening you’ll find the following day’s route on the notice board with details of the most interesting elements such as the itinerary, the kilometres to be covered, the average speed, the altitudinal profile and the total distance to be covered uphill.

The departure in our italy bike hotels is scheduled at 9.30 am every day (Swiss time).

7.00 pm: "Happy Birthday Hotel Dory": welcome dinner for the 60th birthday of the Hotel Dory


9.30 am: Ready, set, go!!! All the groups are off and the fun is about to begin! To favour the formation of groups of a uniform level, after an hour or about 20/25 km, in a pre-established place, it is possible to change groups.


9.30 am: After 3/4 hours cycling all the groups will meet in Vecciano at our country house. Barbecue with piada, grilled meat and vegetables, pizza, spaghetti, focaccia and lots of good wine! Visit to the vegetable garden and tasting of balsamic vinegar.

12.00 pm: Anyone accompanying cyclists can join us thanks to a handy minibus service.

5:30 pm: our “cyclists’ street market”.


8.30 am: A day dedicated to "special excursions" with an early departure and return envisaged at around 3.00/4.00 pm.

7.00 pm: Oktoberfest BEER evening with dinner and unlimited free beer for everyone at the restaurant.


Rest day, free excursions or excursions based on the suggestions of our guides.
In the morning, visit to the Republic of San Marino, in the afternoon trip by minibus to Bellaria and visit to one of the most famous cycle shops in Romagna.
7.00 pm:  traditional "Romagna dinner" with tasting of typical local products, all homemade, Hotel Dory 60th Anniversary Sangiovese wine and limoncino tasting session


9.30 am: Excursions for all groups based on the programme.
The “Cappuccino Light” and “Bikeness®” groups will go on a tour that includes a stop to sample some typical products such as olive oil, wine, cheeses, cold cuts and cakes at a holiday farm.


9.30 am: Excursions for all groups based on the programme.
9.00 pm: farewell entertainment evening with photographs and prize draw



a complimentary bottle of Hotel Dory 60th Anniversary Sangiovese wine on departure


In summer (July and August),the above programmes may be subject to variations depending on times and weekly organization