Discovering Hotel Dory Riccione Bike Hotel: a special week end!

Myself and my friend spent a weekend in Hotel Dory Riccione Bie Hotel to try out the facilities.

On our first day we followed the panoramica route on our own expecting it to relatively flat.

It wasn`t!! We thorougly enjoyed it though and there were as many nice downhills as there were uphills.

On our second day we joined the groups organised from the Hotel Dory Riccione Bike Hotel.

It was amazing to see the road outside full of bikes and riders all ready for the spin.

This was the first day of a normal week and they arranged to have groups to cross over half way through the spin.

This meant that if the group you had picked was too strong or too week you could switch groups half way.

We were sorry to leave after only a few days and hope to get back to Hotel Dory Riccione Bike Hotel for a full week soon.