Country House "Vecciano"

Once a week we are delighted to invite guests to our country house in Vecciano, on the gently rolling hills inland of Riccione. This is our green heart, which supplies us with fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Bartolo, our trusted farmer, personally invites guests to look after, plant and pick the produce from our market garden so they can see firsthand just how much care and love they are treated with. At the farmhouse we will also open the door to our vinegar cellar where we produce balsamic vinegar following the traditional methods of the Consortium of Reggio Emilia.

Every two weeks, from June through to August, we organize a fun outdoor dinner in the countryside, where we serve piadina and typical local recipes and where a mini-club, music, dancing and animation guarantee a great evening. In spring and autumn we opt instead for a romantic picnic. We provide guests with a group transfer to and from Riccione.

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