The Vip Restaurant

Dory, the hotel in Riccione with a restaurant for children that’s something really special...

 And the food’s fantastic!!!

You’d better get used to it. Even if you love the idea of eating together with your children... they’re always going to prefer sharing their meals with their friends and the leaders of the Kiddies’ Club.

Because they’re the Very Important People! The best space in the restaurant is reserved for our young guests, and in fact they can eat enjoying an excellent view over the pool, on the terrace, which can be opened or closed depending on the weather.

In this great corner of fun and entertainment, every day they can enjoy special menus created for them by a team of expert nutritionists.

 For mums with toddlers (aged 6 - 18 months) we offer a fully-fitted kitchenette with fresh ingredients prepared every day (vegetable broth, cream of vegetable soup, meat broth, pasta cooked in broth, boiled sole, minced veal, boiled vegetables, fresh milk, processed cheese, Ricotta).

The kitchen also has: a sterilizer and a homogenizer, highchairs and stools, chair supports and a bottle warmer.


4 pm: it`s snack time! 

Every day, beside the pool, we serve lots of fresh fruit and fruit juices, as well as bread and Nutella chocolate spread, biscuits, jam, tarts, cakes... And it`s all homemade, even the bread (we did buy the chocolate spread though!).


Goodnight fairytale!

Every evening in the bar, before bedtime, there`s fresh milk and homemade biscuits and fairytales to help kids to get a good night`s sleep.

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