Giro d`Italia 2014: Saturday 17 May, Stage 08 from Foligno to Montecopiolo, 174 km

For the fourth consecutive year the Giro d’Italia will be passing once more through our splendid countryside, when on Saturday 17 May, Stage 08 travels through the regions of Umbria, Marche and Romagna. Yet again we’ll be able to see the champions from close up as they tackle the slopes of the Cippo (1358 metres), a breath-taking climb, steep and narrow, often used by the great champion Pantani the Pirate for training.


“Carpegna’s good enough for me”, as he used to say, and it’s written repeatedly and to the point of exhaustion on the tarmac of this extraordinary climb, and anyone who’s ever tried it will know what we’re talking about.


Obviously, we’ll be there with our friends to watch the stage, and it’ll be an extraordinary spectacle, a unique emotion…and the day after, it’s the Nove Colli! What a weekend! J





11 am - Excursion by bike Riccione-Cippo-Riccione


Andrea our cycling guide will lead our trip to see the Giro d’Italia. We’ll be stopping at the foot of the Cippo, our “meeting point”, and that’s where Bartolo will be waiting for us with the service and assistance minibus. Tasty refreshments for everyone with pasta, piadina, salami, ham, cheese, fruit tarts, water and wine… it’ll be a lovely sunny day for us all! J


From there we embark on the 6 km Cippo climb, setting our own leisurely pace, and we’ll halt at a strategic point from which can watch the caravan as it passes, followed by the champions themselves.


We return around 6.30 or 7 pm, just in time for the briefing session for riders in the Nove Colli road race, to be run the next day.