Giro d`Italia & Nove Colli 2014 With Us is better!

Giro d`Italia & Nove Colli

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 May


Book your holiday at Hotel Dory & Suite, for a memorable week featuring a view of the Giro d’Italia champions climbing the Cippo and the legendary Nove Colli road race.


Saturday 17 May 2014 will be the special day for a close-up view of the champions as they face the challenge of Marco Pantani’s “home climb”, made famous throughout the world by his comment: “Carpegna’s good enough for me”. One of our guides will lead the excursion to see the race, starting from Hotel Dory at 11 am. See the full programme here.


Sunday 18 May is the day of the Nove Colli, Italy’s most important road race. If you didn’t manage to register in time, we still have a few rider numbers available. See the full programme here.



Special Hotel Dory 60th Anniversary (1954–2014) discover lots of free and exclusive services for ALL cyclists.