Guided Cycling Tour Italy: cycling to San Marino from the fabulous Hotel Dory

Guided Cycling Tour Italy

Our Guided Cycling Tour Italy: Riccione - San Marino and back:

Imagine a long, easy ride to a long, graceful climb, helped along by the Always smiling Valter, helping you get to the top of the hill. You stop for gelato and a coke, fuel and reward, and look over the Hills and hilltops and castles and flowers, breathtaking in beauty.

Then it all kicks into gear going downhill, sweeping down good roads (finally), switchbacks, crazy free, looking down to the azure sea in the distance, sweeping, shifting down fast and happy, yelling Yeehaw at the top of your lungs.

The road goes on forever, in that wonderful way that means you are still descending, and you glide along until you turn to a magical place where they serve you bruschetta, 3 different types of wines, platters of meats and cheeses, salads, cookies, and you sit at long tables looking over the vineyards and the rolling Hills.

After hours of eating and tasting and buying wonderful gifts to take home, and singing, and a toast of grappa, you somehow climb on the bike again and head a flat 15 k. back to the fabulous Hotel Dory!