Guided Cycling Tour Italy: San Marino with cycling enthusiasts from around the globe.

Guided Cycling Tour Italy

From America to join our amazing Guided Cycling Tour Italy!

Like many Americian amature cyclists, I have wathced too many boreing hours of European bike racing with Phil and Paul commenting on the race, the riders and the country side.

We then venture out onto the bike unfriendly roads of America to ride and dream of what it must be like to climb the Hills of Italy, France and Spain in a pack of colorful bike riders all speaking foriegn exotc languages while the historic pastoral contryside unfolds from the top of each rise.

While in fact in reality we endure motorists who see bicycles on the road as a weird nusance. Fellow riders who are weird and all speak plausible English. Towns equipped with cookie cutter Quik Stop mini marts filled with junk food and watery beer. But we ride on because we all the love to ride our bicycles.

Then one morning I awake in Riccione at the Dory Hotel the place from where will start amazing Guided Cycling Tour Italy, and join my guide who will lead me out in the unknown hills of Italy.

The guide is the real thing. An ex pro who has ridden next to my child hood heros ; Eddy Merckx, Francesco Moser, Raymond Poulidor and those other larger than life riders whose poster still hang on the wall of my childhood bedroom.

The pack of riders assembel in front of the team hotel for another "stage" the mix of colors and languages must be similiar to what new grand tour rider experiences on their first foray into the European cycling scene.

Come to the Hotel Dory and live out your childhood fantasy with cycling enthusiasts from around the globe.

The roads are the same roads the Giro uses, the weather is always good, the food is excelent and you are riding in the land of bicycle riders.