Riccione Bike Hotel, Hotel Dory a great team of Guides!

Dory Bike experience since 1997, the fist Riccione Bike Hotel

They’re still the same and after all these years, they’re still our pride and joy! The cycling guides at the Hotel Dory, Riccione Bike Hotel, offer considerable experience and safety and know the territory and above all, many unmarked and traffic-free roads really well! Their aim is to train you, guide you, encourage you and above all, to ensure you spend a wonderful and unforgettable week with us.


All our guides have attended a first-aid course and have a first-aid kit, mobile phone and a small set of tools for repairs with them at all times.

If on the other hand you prefer to ride alone and in total freedom, make the most of our exclusive information material, complete with maps and detailed itinerary breakdowns. Don’t lose your head and make sure to pace yourselves!


Riccione Bike Hotels for a ungorgettable cycling holiday.