Italy Guided cycling tours with Bikeness

Italy Guided cycling tours

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Even before I began the ride I had every expectation that it would be enjoyable and something that I could handle.  

Our orientation on the first night described the five different groups, along with the miles that would. be covered and the type of terrain to expect.  

For Our Italy guided cycling tour we were also given the rules of the road and safety instructions.

I liked the amount of attention given to each facet of the trip.  The ride itself was a nice mixture of interesting sights, some hills,  and long stretches of flat ground where we were all able to pick up some speed. It was fun to meet up with the more experienced groups every so often.  And that was another positive aspect of the ride.  

If you discovered that the group you were in didnt work for you for any reason you could easily join another group.  We stopped several times through the ride for coffee or viewing the sights or to regroup.  

Our guide was really great.  

He kept us all together and that couldve have been an easy task.  

He did it in such a nice way that no one felt hurried.