A Hotel with kids club

All the members of the Giuliodori family are mums or dads too and our kids are extremely lively! That’s why we understand parents’ needs, but also that children have to release their energy and vent their need to run, explore and generally, mess about. We have therefore set aside a very “private” place for the little devils: at “The Children’s Paradise”, under the supervision of friendly animators, there are lots of fairytales, educational games, tournaments, dances, make-up, ping-pong and billiards.

A “family tutor” also helps families with requests for babysitters, swimming lessons, paediatricians, food and excursions.

There are also lots of theme days to free their imagination and become pirates on board sailboats, expert gardeners in the family’s organic market garden or marvellous skaters on the roller-skating rink in Riccione.

There’s a fantastic surprise party for children who celebrate their birthday during their stay at the Hotel Dory!