Novilara, Panoramica and Urbino - cycle holiday Italy.

These were my two favourite cycles when I and my friends from Bray Wheelers stayed in Hotel Dory for our cycle holiday Italy.

We met some lovely people and made great friends.. Luke from Belgium, Emma and Ian from the UK and of course Laura from Italy. Our guide Batthello was excellent and took care of us everyday  allowing us to climb at will and warning us to take care on the descents.

We had some great battles trying to be KOM,  We were shown beautiful sights, towns and villages and of course lovely coffee shops.

Urbino was so beautiful with the university at the top of the hill with all  the students graduating.

The panoramica cycle was breath taking with the spectacular views so hard to describe but etched into my memory.

My trip to Hotel Dory is one I will always remember and look forward to returning next year.


Many thanks to all the team at the Hotel Dory and especially to Steffano for putting it all together.

One more thing the food was fantastic breakfast , lunch and dinner was fabulous........