Only in this Riccione Bike Hotel for a Really Bikeness Experience

Riccione Bike Hotel

At first we were concerned that there would be no casual bikers staying at this Riccione Bike Hotel. To our very pleasant surprise, we found a group of like-minded people in the Bikeness group.

The group did not try to maintain any minimum pace, and was very accomodating to even entry level bikers. Our guide was cordial and knowledgeable,, often stopping as required for the needs of the groupmembers.

We stopped to tour a War Memorial,, and the guide gave us a detailed explanation of the significance of the memorial.

We stopped at a cafe for coffee, and had a relaxing time talking about the first half of the ride. it started to rain whie we were at the cafe, and the groupmembers agreed to wait until the rain let up. When it became clear that the rain would not stop, we agreed to complete the return trip in the storm.

The Riccione Bike Hotel Professional Guide graciously offered me a jacket when he noticed that I had not come with rain gear. We were all soaked, but everyone seemed to enjoy the experience.


I would readily recommend the Bikeness experience to anyone looking for a leisurely and informative tour of Riccione.