Our Riccione Bike Hotel Trip of today: San Marino with Cappucino Light

riccione bike hotel trip
I enjoyed every Cappacino Light ride, thank to the perfect program of this special Riccione Bike Hotel! 
The ride at home would average 28 on the flat but here it was 20 kph avg with long continuous climbs.  
I got in my lowest gear and just kept going. It was a challenge but doable for all.
We all had light newer Scott Carbon bikes. I enjoyed our group guides Walter, Andrelli, and Stefano leading us down or following us up, to keep us together as a group on roads, we did not know. The roads were mostly smooth but normal for areas with freeze and thaw. Each day we took electrolytes, sandwiches and bananas before we left. 
We stopped for cappacino every day and rested mid ride going 60 to 110 km total each day. Others went faster and further but returned to the hotel at the same time so couples could separate on rides. Then we rehydrated with beer or wine at the hotel. Others had lunch if they wanted. Every buffet was different with all tastes covered.
Ride groups socialized at supper when the days stories were told and made better. 
I will be back to this special Riccione Bike Hotel