Panoramic guided cycling tours Italy, riding above the adriatic coast

From Riccione to Pesaro, one of the guided cycling tours Italy that you can choose in Hotel Dory!

The `Panoramic` ride contains some stunning scenery, particularly from high above the Adriatic coast. The climbs may not be the steepest but they are long and I find the undulating profile from Pesaro very challenging as it is difficult to maintain a rhythm. I was in the capuccino group and Silvano, our guide, provided constant encouragement and humour when the legs were struggling.

Each year (I have been five times) I have made friends very quickly. Some just for the week but others who have remained in touch. One couple have since stayed with us in England and two others are planning to come over for Le Tour`s grand depart from Leeds next July. We also have invitations to both Perth and The Gold Coast, which we will take up one day!

The hotel food is wonderful. There is so much choice for breakfast and is needed to build up energy levels for the ride ahead and when you return to the hotel tired and empty, an excellent buffet lunch is waiting. 

An excellent week and whilst my favourite ride is the Panoramic, it is a difficult choice!