First International Cycle-tourism Meeting between Brazil and Italy

The event is being jointly organised by the Clube do Cicloturismo do Brasil (Brazil Cycle-tourism Club) and Italy Bike Tour.
It aims to promote a cultural exchange between Brazilian and Italian cycle-tourists with a mutual sharing of experiences, in order to improve awareness of cycle-tourism and to encourage its practice both at home and abroad.


Cycling enthusiasts from all parts of the world, united in a common passion, are invited to take part in the cycling holiday week, sharing some great experiences with these wonderful Latin people.  


The Hotel Dory, a partner in organising this fantastic event, is offering a very special package - in addition to all its services for cyclists and the Bikeness programme scheduled for the week: The offer includes:   

  • Wine-tasting at the Santini wine-cellar;
  • Sampling of oil, wine and cheese at the farm;
  • A barbecue at a country house, with choice of pizza, spaghetti, grilled meat, wine and   desserts, and tasting of balsamic vinegar; 
  • T-shirt commemorating the Italy-Brazil event; 
  • An evening at the pizzeria, with choice of pizza and a drink; 
  • Participation in the first supplementary evening excursion;  
  • Involvement in the themed seminars on cycle-tourism (in Italian and Portuguese);
  • Entry to the big final Italian-Brazilian party, with music and dancing.   


The routes will follow metalled, unmade, and country roads, and are suitable only for Mountain bikes, Hybrid bikes or E-Bikes with proper tyres and gears. Opportunities for bike rental.
Supplementary charge for participation: €100 per person.


Want to sign up for the event but without the accommodation?
Send an e-mail to to request further information.