Ride with Sandro, the pleasure of a guided cycling tour Italy

the pleasure of a guided cycling tour Italy

When I arrived at Dory with my husband, I was sure I wouldn`t ride a bike at all. However, we noticed that there were an another Finnish couple also in the hotel and that that the lady was taking part in the bikeness- group, so I decided to join to group as well and that`s how I found myself in the bikeness-group with Sandro! 

The scenery was amazing, I would have missed so much if I hadn`t joined the group. Some of the uphills were steep but they were ok, the downhills on the other hand, oh my, I was scared riding them down. Thank God there were only a few of those! It was Monday, so we went to Vecciano for a lunch, which was great.

The food, the atmosphere, everything. When we got back to the hotel I was so satisfied with myself and my decision to join the group.

A great day!