Three times cycling in Italy a really Bikeness fan!

Today I rode with Sandro and the Bikeness group and had a wonderful sightseeing and cycling in Italy adventure!

We climbed uphill to Saludecio to see the castle there.

I have done this route twice before in previous years and had to walk up several kilometers in the past....however, today I only walked a short way a few hundred meters only! Sandro was fabulous as usual slowing down to ride alongside me and encouraging me and coaching me on how to ride up slower without getting tired and out of breath. It was a big accomplishment for me! The fresco painting on the walls of the houses in the narrow streets was fascinating, and informative on the different inventions they represented.

From there we rode uphill again to visit Monte Gridolfo which has been beautifully restored as an old village with spectacular hilltop views. Of course the highlight of the ride was our cappucino stop in the large piazza square sitting in the glorious sunshine....the reward for all that effort of cycling uphill....life is grand!

Keep Cycling, keep Cycling in Italy!