Tuesday: a special day

Once again this year, we have included 2 “Grand Tours” in our twice-weekly programmes; two challenges covering beautiful yet demanding routes that take place each week, every Tuesday; 

“Fossombrone - Cesane”, which covers 134 km, and “Mercato Saraceno - Riopetra” covering 125 km. 

Fossombrone - Cesane

This route winds through the territory of Montefeltro and right through the Cesane Nature Park to reach Urbino, always a favourite destination for our excursions.

We approach the Cesane park passing the mediaeval villages of Sant`Angelo in Lizzola and Mombaroccio, and then continuing down to Fossombrone in the Metauro Valley following roads surrounded by woodland.

After Fossombrone we enter the park, where for kilometre after kilometre we find nothing but nature and greenery until we reach Urbino.

Our return to Riccione is more like an easy stroll than a ride, apart from the final climb at Tavoleto, always difficult and very technical.


Distance: Km 134
Altitude difference: mt. 2537
4 climbs:

Ginestreto: Km 4,5 - avg 5,5% - 7%

Passo Beato Sante: Km 5,5% - avg 4,8 - max 6,5%

Cesane: Km 7,8 - avg 7,2% - max 18%

Tavoleto: Km 5,8 - avg 4,3% - max 6%


Recommended gear ratios: 39/27 o 34/24

Fossombrone - CesaneFossombrone - Cesane



Mercato Saraceno - Riopetra

A route with flat green countryside and steep hills, winding inland from Riccione to Santarcangelo di Romagna and Mercato Saraceno, a typical mediaeval township dating back to Dante’s times.

From Mercato Saraceno we climb up towards Santa Maria Riopetra, a difficult stretch with gradients up to 14%, for cyclists who love a challenge that`s rewarded with a breathtaking view over the valley of the River Savio.

On the return trip we pass the attractive townships of Sogliano and Santarcangelo di Romagna.



Distance: Km 125

Altitude difference mt 2023

3 climbs:

Verucchio: Km 8,80 - avg 2,7% - max 5,5%

Rontagnano: Km 8,20 - avg 7% - max 10%

Riopetra: Km 7,5 - avg 9% - max 14%


Recommended gear ratios: 39/27 o 34/24

Mercato Saraceno - Riopetra Mercato Saraceno - Riopetra