Tuesday: a special day

Once again this year, we have included 2 “Grand Tours” in our twice-weekly programmes; two challenges covering beautiful yet demanding routes that take place each week, every Tuesday; 

“Cippo”, which covers 133 km, and “The Barbotto” covering 1305 km. 


A route designed to offer you maximum enjoyment on the Cippo climb up to Monte Carpegna! It’s where Marco Pantani used to train, and is part of the Giro d’Italia 2014.

“Carpegna’s good enough for me,” is what the Pirate used to say, and it’s written everywhere along the endless switchbacks of the most famous climb of the Apennines, the one that never gives you a moment’s rest as you drag yourself up to the top, but once you’ve made it the satisfaction is immense! And be careful with your ratios, because the gradients can be up to 15%.

The trip home is faster, along the Foglia Valley, perfect for rouleurs who love speed for long stretches, but don’t underestimate the climbs at Montecalvo and Tavoleto…


Distance: Km 133
Altitude difference: mt. 2775
3 climbs: Ponte Cappuccini: Km 11 - avg 3,4 %; Cippo: Km 6,18 - avg 9,9 %; Montecalvo: km 3,3 - avg 5,5 %

Recommended gear ratios: 39/27 o 34/24

Cippo - MercataleCippo - Mercatale



The Barbotto 

A route with flat green countryside and steep hills, winding inland from Riccione to Santarcangelo di Romagna and Mercato Saraceno, a typical mediaeval township dating back to Dante’s times. From here the road climbs up towards the Barbotto Pass, a real challenge for cyclists from all over the world, with gradients reaching 18%, and used in fact for time trials on the famous “Nove Colli” international amateur road race, with about 12,000 participants every year.



Distance: Km 130

Altitude difference mt 2241

3 climbs: Borghi: Km 4,7 - avg 3,7%; Strigara: Km 3,0 - avg 2,6%; Barbotto: Km 6,7 avg - 7,2%

Recommended gear ratios: 39/27 o 34/24