Dory Ambassadors

The Dory ambassadors, our reference points around the world. Rather than guests, they are like friends.
We wish to express our appreciation to them for having shared the Dory bike experience with cyclists from other countries.
Our story is a journey that is made up of the many kilometres we have cycled, of feelings, and of people like you,
who have become spokespeople of the adventures and challenges, and of the passion that are tangible in Romagna.

Thank you for having given us the opportunity to grow and to promote and create a project that was just a simple idea at first.
Without people like you, it would probably still be a mere dream.

Thank you friends !

Alberto Morandini

John Fee

Oliver Luthard

Yossi Nagel

Thomas Sieghart & Natali Bayer

Steve & Gill Reynolds

Alan Geiger

Walter Magalhães

2020 update: information and measures for a safe holiday