The flavours of our cuisine

The Chef’s suggestions 

A new restaurant concept that doesn’t forgo tradition. 

Breakfast: Waking up at the Dory tastes sweet, with cakes, pancakes and handmade biscuits, soft croissants and fragrances reminiscent of home. 

The savoury options come from our hills with freshly-made omelettes, traditional cold cuts and other typical local flavours. 

It has never been such a pleasure to abandon your dreams. 



HEALTH AND TRADITION blend in a light and balanced meal: we present “Insaluteria” that consists in more than 15 fresh ingredients for guests to create their own salad, a different hot first course every day, traditional Romagna-style piadina, salamis and cold cuts, fresh cheeses, fruit and spoon desserts. 



Dinner takes centre stage, dressed in the colours of our territory: you’ll begin with sophisticated appetizers, seasonal vegetables and finger food served buffet-style. 

Our wonderful chef, Solideo Lenti, will cook live, explaining all about the excellent products, the fresh fish from our sea and the early seasonal fruit and vegetables that you’ll savour in your dishes.