Outdoor children's pool

Three pools, three different depths 

Three swimming pools: one at the Dory, one on the beach and one at D-place. 

The pool at the Dory is ideal for children, it’s 110 cm deep and is 40 m². It isn’t deep, but it’s such fun!  Waterfalls, geysers, whirlpools, fountains. It’ll be hard to get them out of the water. 

On the beach, the pool has differentiated depths for adults and children. 

At D-place you’ll find the smallest and cutest swimming pool in Riccione. A mini-pool, that’s 60 cm deep, in the garden and ideal for children. 



We organize lovely water confidence lessons with Davide every week. It’s a fun way for little ones to get acquainted with water. 

By playing, we learn to swim... or at the very least, to float!