People, family. 

These few lines are certainly not enough to describe and thank the people who bring the hotel to life and have brought it to life in the past, nor is it possible to name them all, as they would deserve. 

Because the Dory is a unique place thanks to them. Rooms, services and activities can all be repeated - people can't. 

Over time, we’ve become friends more than colleagues: some have left, some have returned. But the Dory is like that: it’s a big family that welcomes anyone who really wants to be part of it. 


The Giuliodori family, since 1954.

Behind everything there’s always been the love of the Giuliodori family - my family.  

I’m part of the fourth generation and my name’s Francesco, just like my great-grandfather, who first opened the hotel. 

It then passed to my grandfather, Rodolfo and then to his children: Stefano (my father), Roberta, Anna and Silvia. The hotel’s always been like a second home for all of us. 

You can find our story here.